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Confidence and Insecurity

Returning to school and taking on the grind of academics, athletics and other pressures may arouse excitement as well as anxieties about how the year will go.  You may be imagining how successful will you be, and will you do as well as you hope.  Optimism is part of starting [...]


A ten-month old baby has passion and goes after what she wants.  She will give it her all to pull herself up to a stand.  He will scream loudly for more crackers.  She will laugh without hesitation, over and over, at a silly face.  A ten-month old baby does not [...]

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Is Therapy Worth It?

When someone decides to call a psychologist it is usually after many months of internal debate.  Something has to tip the scales to reach out to a stranger for help.  Something inside the person has to build up to overcome two important ready-made obstacles: the financial investment and the stigma. [...]

Why We Feel More Vulnerable After a Tragedy

Tragedy first brings us together.  Later it risks pulling us apart. In her NPR piece reporter Alix Spiegel talked to social psychology professor Jeff Greenberg at the University of Arizona about his research on our conscious and unconscious reactions to large-scale trauma.  He noted there are immediate and delayed responses to [...]

Depression, A Chemical Imbalance?

How did it happen that my patient chose to remain stuck in an unfulfilled, psychically dulling and isolated life?  He is depressed.  No surprise.  The medical collective and even many in the mental health field might immediately blame a “chemical imbalance” in his brain. Let me offer another way of [...]

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What is Your Normal?

Is there a typical childhood?  While there are typical childhood experiences, there are infinite variations in human experience.  A child is born, learns to crawl, then walk, then play and so on.  Every, single thing is a learning experience for a long, long time.  Mom and dad do typical mom [...]

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Stressed About Sequestration?

THEN:  sequestration is the action of taking legal possession of assets until a debt has been paid or other claims have been met. NOW:  sequestration is the state of our country where millions of Americans are worried about the economic impact of the Federal Government’s failure to manage the budget. [...]