Sex Therapy Basics

Frequent Sex Therapy Concerns: I just don't have much of a sex drive, I never have.  What can I do? I feel broken.  Will I need medication? My partner wants more (or less) sex than I do.  Is there hope for us? I feel he (she) is not attracted to [...]

Doctor, Can You Fix My Mother?

It could be almost any work day for me.  It happened again today. A patient wants me to fix his or her wife/husband/boss/mother/father/neighbor/co-worker/child.  I tell them if I could do that, I would win the Nobel Peace prize and retire a gazillionaire! This phenomenon is so common as to be [...]

Are You a Perfectionist?

“I have a hard time trusting.”  “I got burned once; never again!”  “I’ve put up a wall so people can’t hurt me.”   “I do all the work in my relationship.”  “My husband/wife needs therapy!” These are statements made by someone who is a perfectionist.  How do I know?  Read the [...]

What is Your Normal?

Is there a typical childhood?  While there are typical childhood experiences, there are infinite variations in human experience.  A child is born, learns to crawl, then walk, then play and so on.  Every, single thing is a learning experience for a long, long time.  Mom and dad do typical mom [...]

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What’s the Use of Getting Angry?

Benjamin Franklin said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."  I will add to this, anger.  Anyone who has ever known an infant will know that we come into this world with the capacity for anger, a capacity surely selected through evolution for [...]

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The Concept of “Sunk Cost” in Relationships

A few times in recent weeks I have heard patients talk about staying in a relationship using this argument: “I’ve already invested so much.” They wonder if they should continue in the relationship because of the emotional energy and time they have put into it. In every case there has [...]

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