Therapy for Adults

I have a particular interest in working with adults who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, depression, anger issues, self-harming behaviors, and grief or loss.  I begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your needs before proceeding with a treatment plan.  Every treatment plan is tailored to your specific circumstances and is adjusted as required.

Sex Therapy

A satisfying relationship can seem like an impossibility after a long period of conflict.  Even when your relationship is conflict-free you may feel estranged from your partner sexually.  I have specialized training to help individuals and couples deal with their relationship issues especially when they manifest as sexual difficulties.  I can help you better understand this often mysterious side of relating and give you tools to build more intimacy in your life.

Therapy for Adolescents

Adolescents need an active approach to therapy and I address this need. I work in the here-and-now with teens to work out solutions to their problems.  I look at the big picture of a teen’s life and, if required, include parents, and even siblings, in the treatment process.

Life Review Therapy for Middle-Age and OlderAdults

I provide a specialized short-term therapy known as “Life Review” that is tailored to the needs of mature adults, especially those in transition.  If you consider yourself an “empty-nester” or are approaching retirement and beyond, this treatment modality may be for you.  It is a wonderful introduction to therapy if you’ve never before considered it, and can lay a strong foundation for deeper work if you desire.  Life Review has been shown to address depression, stress and adjustment issues for adults in transition

Guided Meditation

I offer guided meditation and tailor meditations to a client’s specific needs.  Guided meditation and relaxation training has been shown to be an effective intervention for chronic pain, acute stress and post traumatic stress disorder.

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