Frequent Sex Therapy Concerns:

I just don’t have much of a sex drive, I never have.  What can I do?

I feel broken.  Will I need medication?

My partner wants more (or less) sex than I do.  Is there hope for us?

I feel he (she) is not attracted to me anymore because: (does not initiate, loses his erection, wants to try something different…).

S/he’s just doing it for me.  Why bother?

It takes too long for me to reach an orgasm.  Or, I reach orgasm more quickly than I want.

We have not had sex in years.  How do we begin to address this?

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is talk therapy that focuses on your sexual self.  I ask frank and open questions about what works for you and what happens when sex does not work well.  I provide exercises for you and your partner to try together, or exercises you can work on alone.  These exercises are an integral part of the discussions as I help to remove obstacles so that you can work to achieve a full and satisfying sexual life.

What happens at the first appointment?

It is important that you feel comfortable so I guide you through talking about sensitive topics.  I ask questions about your experiences growing up. I will want to know about your recent sexual encounters, and especially where things go wrong for you. Quickly I  begin to formulate a plan to address some of your immediate concerns.  You will leave with an initial exercise that is tailored just for you (and your partner if applicable).

How long will it take?

Typically it takes 4 or more sessions. I will provide feedback along the way so you will be able to track progress toward the goals you set.  Sometimes sex therapy is integrated into a broader discussion about other issues that trouble you such as anxiety, relationship issues, low self-esteem or depression

Can you talk to me and my partner together?

Meeting as a couple is often a good idea. This can help open lines of communication between you and your partner so that you can relate in a deeper and more authentic way.  I am an experienced couples therapist and enjoy talking to both partners to build a stronger and more open relationship.