THENsequestration is the action of taking legal possession of assets until a debt has been paid or other claims have been met.

NOW:  sequestration is the state of our country where millions of Americans are worried about the economic impact of the Federal Government’s failure to manage the budget.

How will you be affected?

Will you be furloughed?

Will your business slow down?

Will you be able to get your kid’s vaccinated?

Is our food supply safe?

I wrote a blog for the APA Help Center on how to manage your stress during this uncertain time:

Some quick reminders about how to deal with your stress.

  1. Face the reality of your situation, neither putting your head in the sand nor reacting like the sky is falling.
  2. Make a plan.
  3. Talk to your family about your plan.
  4. Renew your commitment to taking good care of yourself: exercise, get plenty of sleep and eat nutritious meals.
  5. Communicate with your elected officials about your views and how you want them to represent you.